Lime is a small and round citrus fruit having a very high nutritional value in it. Lime is a source of lots of vitamins and minerals and it fulfills the sufficient requirement of our daily need of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B. It also contains Minerals like Phosphorus, Manganese, Magnesium, etc. Many people drink lime water in the morning to reduce weight as it contains citric acid in large quantity which helps in increasing the metabolism rate of an individual and a high Metabolism rate helps in the burning of more calories in the body.
Because of the high amount of citric acid present in lime, it has a very strong aroma and it is commonly used in various cuisines. Especially in: Mexican, Thai, and Indian dishes.  India, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China are among the largest producer of lemon (limes) in the world.

The largest producer of lemon (lime):-In the year 2018-19
Mexico was the biggest producer of lemons and limes, with the overall production of 2.6 million tons. And in that particular year, the total production of fresh lemons and limes in the world was around 8.42 million metric tons.

Do you know why limes have different colors?
The color of lemon depends on the complex mixture of carotenoids. The lighter color of the pulp and peel of the yellow lemon shows that it has a much lower concentration of carotenoids than the other ones.

Benefits of lime: 
There are multiple health benefits of lime. It helps in weight loss, increases skin glow, improves the digestion process, and it also helps to boost the body’s Immunity.
Reduces the risk of Kidney stones. Eating limes insufficient quantity may reduce the chances of kidney stones as lime contains citric acid which increases urinary citrate and it is beneficial for an individual to avoid the risk of certain kinds of kidney stones.

It enhances skin glow.
Lime contains antioxidants and vitamin C which helps in increasing the glow of the skin. As these ingredients are commonly used in beauty products, using lime juice will help you to get the natural glow on the skin.

It reduces the risk of heart diseases.
Since the major culprit in the development of heart diseases is bad cholesterol (oxidized low-density lipoprotein) and some recent studies show that a high intake of vitamin C(500mg/day) prevents the rise of bad cholesterol.

Reduces the risk of cancer.
Several studies suggest that there is a severe decrease in the chances of cancer if someone regularly eats citrus fruits in his diet. This is because it contains vitamin C.

The side effects
Direct application of lime juice on the skin may sometimes cause irritation, rashes, or skin allergy. Lime is acidic (citric acid) in nature, so when we consume more limes than necessary, it reacts with the mucus present in the stomach and causes stomach ulcers.
Extensive dental damage may occur if we drink excessive lime juices (water) it may lead to hypersensitivity in teeth.

Uses of Lime
It also has a very wide range of medical properties. It has been used for medical purposes from our ancestral time.
The juice extracted from lime is used as an essential oil in aromatherapy.
Many people use limes as an ingredient to make a detox drink which removes all impurity by detoxifying the body.

Limes are also used to enhance the fragrance in the dishes; it has a strong taste which influences the taste of the food. Limes are also used in the beauty products especially in the face wash as it deep cleans the face.

Lime is acidic in nature and helps in killing germs, because of that they are used as an ingredient in cleansing products.  Also, they are commonly used ingredients in cocktails and it gives a balanced or complementary flavor in cocktails.

In conclusion, the health benefits and different uses of lemons are clear; it has a large range of Vital Minerals and vitamins which efficiently helps our body to function effectively. Furthermore, drinking half lime every Morning with a glass of warm water30 Minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach will greatly improve your overall health.

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