Potent & Pure Herbal Supplements

Potent & Pure Herbal Supplements

Moringa powder and leaves.

You’ve probably heard people rave about raw food diets and the many benefits they provide. The reason raw food is so healthy is that it contains all of a plant’s natural enzymes and nutrients, unchanged. On the other hand, cooking denatures natural enzymes and nutrients, breaking them down and reducing the ability of your body to use them. In contrast, raw food provides you with healthful nutrients — vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more — into your cells.[1, 2, 3] It’s the same for Global Healing’s Raw Herbal Extracts™!

Raw Herbal Extracts are full-spectrum herbal supplements that merge ancient alchemical principles with state-of-the-art extraction techniques designed to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. Now, you can enjoy the essence of a plant’s unique taste, aroma, and color as if you picked it fresh from the wild.

Modern-day diets make it hard to get all your body’s required nutrients from food alone.[4, 5] Since our Raw Herbal Extracts are not cooked and have minimal processing, they are essentially the same as consuming raw food — but in an herbal supplement.

These extracts concentrate all the prized elements of the herb into one liquid formulation. Combined with good manufacturing practices and responsible ingredient procurement[6], you end up with a high-quality, sustainably-sourced herbal extract.

How We Make Raw Herbal Extracts

The exclusive process we developed to make Raw Herbal Extracts process gently and naturally concentrates the most valuable and health-activating components of an herb, tapping into the most powerful essence of its healing nature. Other companies cut corners to save time and money at the expense of your health. In contrast, producing one batch of Raw Herbal Extract may take 10 to 20 times longer than traditional extraction methods.

Harvesting Top-Quality Ingredients

Our top priority is to be good stewards of the land — to protect and nurture these therapeutic plants and the soils that nourish them.

The first step in crafting a Raw Herbal Extract is harvesting the freshest ingredients available. Every component is either certified organic or wildcrafted — collected in nature using sustainable techniques to reduce strain on the environment. We want to obtain the freshest herbs for your best health.

Our vetting process for raw material suppliers is extensive and diligent. It includes plant identification and quality testing to ensure quality and potency.

By demonstrating sound practices and instilling love and positive energy into every product we strive to create a model for future farms and green manufacturing projects.

Our adherence to organic principles also means that we use green, eco-friendly technologies that reduce the strain on the local and global environment. We prefer hand-picked herbs, and selectively choose those processed with as little petroleum-fueled machinery and equipment as possible. After collection, we ensure herbs are dried in dark rooms at low temperature.

The herbs are dried to a specific residual moisture percentage — meaning how much moisture is left in the plant. After they are ground to a powder, they are sent to our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Arizona where they go through a multi-step cold extraction.

Up Next? Multi-Step Cold Extraction

Our handmade Raw Herbal Extracts are made using a proprietary multi-step cold extraction. This unique technology captures the plant’s essential aromatic components and sterols, oleoresins, resinoids, high-density polysaccharides, and other fragile constituents. The cold temperature ensures the ingredients stay raw and prevents loss of volatile compounds.

Raw Herbal Extracts are made in glass vessels. These details are important; metal vessels can change the sensitive energetics of plants, but glass doesn’t. This preserves the plant’s delicate components, including vitamins, minerals, cofactors, essential oil complexes, subtle energetic signatures, and natural taste.

We extract the nutritional components using a mixture of glycerin and triple-distilled water. Each time you distill water, it becomes more pure and better able to absorb light, nutrients, and the plant’s energetic signature. We triple-distill water for our extracts — unheard of in the industry. This bioactive triple-distilled water pulls out vital compounds in larger and more stable quantities.

In addition to triple-distilled water, the extraction liquid also contains certified organic glycerin derived from mustard seed — no palm oil. Glycerin has a micro-encapsulating ability that preserves more of the vitamin compounds in herbs, including the original taste factors important to the efficacy of herbs. By encapsulating nutrients, glycerin boosts their absorption in your body through the lymphatic system.

Unlike most other extracts, we use no alcohol or heat in this step, or others. Our industry-leading herbal extraction process keeps the extract raw.

Cold Filtration

After the allotted extraction time — between nine and 30 days depending on the formula — we purify each product through cold filtration.

Like a custom cold brew or fine wine, our advanced, proprietary cold-filtration process separates the solid components from the liquid, delivering the most consistent taste, texture, and viscosity possible.

Our filtration also operates in a climate-controlled environment to separate liquid from solid herbal ingredients without generating heat. This process takes between eight and 10 hours and preserves the delicate components of the herbs. Other companies typically use processes that heat the product well above 200 degrees Fahrenheit!

Global Healing is one of the only organic supplement companies in the world to use this proprietary process that energizes and preserves the most powerful essence of a plant’s healing nature — all without using heat or toxic chemicals.

The Final Touch: Energized Trace Minerals

After extraction and filtration, we add Energized Trace Minerals™ to the raw extracts. Energized Trace Minerals were developed more than a thousand years ago by Paracelsus, who found they boosted the bioavailability of other nutrients.

So what are they? Energized Trace Minerals are energetically activated crystallized alkaline salts. During their production, monoatomic elements are concentrated and put into a high-electron spin state. These provide your body with important minerals while making the nutrients in supplements more easily absorbed and used by your cells. The formula also contains Korean bamboo salts, also known as Jugyeom or Jukyeom. These have incredible healing powers for the body.[7, 8]

Energized Trace Minerals are elements your body requires to continue functioning at an optimal level. When you have optimal levels of these minerals, your body’s ability to fight stress and illness gets a supercharge.[9]

Benefits of Raw Herbal Extract

Raw Herbal Extracts are more than your typical supplement. They’re more potent, highly bioavailable, and have that fresh-from-the-wild quality. And they’re raw.


The plants in Raw Herbal Extracts are as potent as they can be. Since we use no heat in the process, the raw materials stay intact. Unlike lower-quality supplements, our ingredients aren’t distilled in alcohol first, which leads to lower — or completely deactivated — phytochemical levels. All the delicate parts of the plant are preserved, including all the beneficial effects contained within.


With such high potency of bioactive ingredients, it’s important your body can absorb as much of as possible. Thanks to Energized Trace Minerals and glycerin encapsulation, it can. These mineral blends enhance the bioavailability of other nutrients.

Fresh-from-the-Wild Quality

Heating something changes it on a fundamental level, whether it’s food, organic ingredients, herbs, or wildcrafted plants. We produce Raw Herbal Extracts through a sustained cold-extraction process lasting between five and 60 days. That means all of the plant’s components stay intact, so the final product tastes, looks, and smells just as good as if it was harvested fresh from nature.

Because they are raw, concentrated foods, in essence, each batch of a Raw Herbal Extract may have color, smell, taste, and consistency variations.

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